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Joaquín Luna (Murcia,1992) is a visual artist based in Spain.

Determined to trap an internal moment, photographer and filmmaker Joaquín Luna captures confessional compositions where the essence of individuals and environments intermingle with the artist’s own psyche. These existential inquiries are investigated through melancholic visual arrangements imbued with ambiguity, where decontextualized settings and isolated personalities delineate notions of disconnection. A sense of complexity is further encouraged by opposing muted and saturated colors, intentional and coincidental configurations, and hiding what is expected to be revealed, altogether gapping information and playing with tensions between reality and fiction. Unsettling atmospheres and liminal spaces are introduced by means of dividing elements such as mirrors, windows, and doors that, along with textures of glass, smoke, and rain frame glimpses of character that reinforce the uneasiness of the images. Suggestive instances stimulate the spectator to complete the fragmented narratives by projecting themselves into the scene. Inversely mirroring the observer's reaction, photographing becomes for Joaquín a refuge to encounter the self and activate sensations of solitude. Becoming both observer and observed, his work externalizes a faceless self-portrait.                             

His work has being published on different books like “Metropolis”, “100 pictures, 100 stories”
“Bnw Demand” from 1415 mobile photographers, “Urban Photographer of the year” 2019. In the
Street Photography Awards 2018 and 2019 galleries, in the Black and White photography awards
2018 and 2019 and finally the Exposure Awards 2020 from Lensculture. He also appeared in
“Lamono” magazine, “Life Framer” collection and in the “Life is Street” webpage.

In 2018, he became finalist in the “MAPA” Scholarships of the Lens School and in “La Maquina”.
He has been selected for PANORAMA1 from the Center of Documentation and Advanced Studies
on Contemporary Art of Murcia (CENDEAC). He won the CreaMurcia contest in the Photography
category, LAB “Laboratorio de Arte Joven" 2018, first EMEA prize in the Cbre contest "Urban
photographer of the year 2019". First prize in "The Yellow awards 2019" organized by Too
Many Flash in authors photography category. Finalist in the "Roberto Villagraz 2020" Scholarships of the EFTI. Street Photography winner in the "Fine Art Photography Awards 2020" and Shortlist in the Street Photography Category of the "Sony World Photography Awards 2020".


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